Website Hosting Packages

Website Hosting Packages

Web hosting is essential. Every website needs web hosting. Period.

If you need a good affordable SEO website in Los Angeles, check out our website packages.

To paint a picture of how both go hand in hand, imagine a house built on piece of land. Your website is the “house” and web hosting is the “piece of land.”

We can host your website which will allow us easier access to optimize your website from time to time for better search engine rankings if you choose a package with SEO options.

Actor websites

Are you an actor in need of a good website? If you have a poorly designed website, it’s like having a bad headshot. Why go through the trouble to get great headshots only to put them on a bad website that looks like it was designed by your 5yr old nephew?

You have to represent on all levels, not just headshots and your demo reel.

Check out our websites for actors and let us create a professional looking acting website that you will be proud of.

Our hosting packages

Bronze Package-

  • $30 per month for basic hosting (6 or 12 months billing). ($20/ mo for actor websites).
  • Includes 30 minutes changes done to your website each month for free (ie…change photos, add/change special promotions).
  • Does not include SEO.

Silver Package-

  • $50 per month for hosting that will include minimal ongoing SEO and online marketing.
  • Get a 25% discount on our yearly rate with a one time payment

Gold Package-

  • $75 per month for hosting that includes full “ongoing” SEO, online marketing, backlinking, and search engine submissions including Google maps.
  • Get a 25% discount on our yearly rate with a one time payment

**If you would like to discontinue our hosting, you’re free to do so.

If you need help moving your website off of our servers to another hosting provider/server, there will be a one time service charge of $150.


We offer private web consulting and internet coaching online or by telephone.

*We can make changes to your website at $55 per hr. Minimum one hour. Changes include adding links, pages, content, photos, modifications, photoshop.

All websites created by have our standard logo and or link at the bottom of each page on your website. If you would like this removed, there is a one time brand removal fee of $79 US Dollars.

*Payment for all services will be paid through paypal.

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